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Style Your Inner Monica or Joey with the Perfect Eyewear from Sense Eyewear

Are you a Friends fan wondering what kind of eyewear your favorite characters would wear? Look no further! We've paired each Friends character with the perfect eyewear from some of our favorite brands at Sense Eyewear.

Rachel Green: TBD Eyewear

Rachel is the ultimate fashionista, always on-trend with her outfits. We see her rocking frames from TBD Eyewear, adding a touch of elegance to her overall look. These frames are perfect for someone like Rachel, who loves to make a statement with her style.

Monica Geller: VioRou

Monica is the neat freak of the group, always organized and put together. We think she would love some sleek and sophisticated frames from VioRou. These frames are the perfect combination of functionality and fashion, perfect for someone as practical as Monica.

Phoebe Buffay: H-Fusion

Phoebe is the eccentric one in the group, known for her quirky fashion sense and unconventional beliefs. The colorful and playful frames from H-Fusion would be the perfect match for Phoebe's personality. These frames are designed to make a bold statement, just like Phoebe.

Joey Tribbiani: Four Nines

Joey is the lovable goofball of the group, known for his laid-back personality and simple sense of style. We see him wearing the timeless and classic frames from Four Nines. These frames are durable and practical, perfect for someone like Joey who values simplicity and functionality.

Chandler Bing: Kaneko Optical

Chandler is the sarcastic one in the group, always making witty comments and keeping the group laughing. We think he would appreciate the understated yet stylish frames from Kaneko Optical. These frames are designed to complement any outfit, perfect for someone like Chandler who values versatility and subtlety.

There you have it, our perfect eyewear matches for each of the Friends characters. Which frames would you choose for yourself? Check out these brands and more at Sense Eyewear.

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