These are the cool, independent brands we currently have in-store!

Accrue Logo.png

Wear Inspired

ADSR Logo.png

Forever Young

BCPC Logo.png

Boston Club Pleasure Collection

Eyes Cloud Logo.png

Light as Clouds

The Future's Eyewear

Four Nines Logo.png

Supreme Quality

H-Fusion Logo.png

High Fashion, High Sense, High Quality

Italia Independent Logo.png

Write Your Story

Japonism Logo.png

Inspired by Japan

Kaneko Logo.png

Craftsmanship in Mind

Muzik Logo.png

Play Variation

Ptolemy48 Logo.png

Philosphy Driven

Spec Espace Logo.png

Next Level of Comfort

Steady Logo.png

The Ordinary Spectacles

Sugimoto Logo.png

Craftsmanship from Fukui to the World

Taylor with Respect Logo.png

Tailor-made to Fit the Head

Tidou Logo.png

Titanium Eyewear

VioRou Logo.png

Change Your “Color” With Eyewear

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