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Discover the Beauty of Japanese Culture with Japonism

Japonism is a premium eyewear brand that has been producing high-quality eyeglasses for over two decades. Founded in Sabae, Japan, in 1996, the brand is the flagship of Boston Club Co., Ltd. and is known for its exceptional design and quality. Japonism's founder, Kazumi Komatsubara, noticed the excellent work achieved by the techniques used in Sabae's eyeglass factory and was convinced that eyeglasses made in Japan would enjoy great success worldwide. The brand has been showcasing its products at international optical trade fairs since 1996 and is striving to achieve Komatsubara's original dream of making a brand made in Japan available throughout the world. The brand's name comes from the Japanese aesthetics movement called Japonism, which had a significant impact on Western fashion and arts during the 19th century.

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